BANC-110 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23

  Free BANC110 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23 for July 2022 and January 2023 Session


There are three Sections in the Assignment. You have to answer all questions in all the Sections. 

Assignment – I

Answer the following in about 500 words each. 20X2= 40 

a. Discuss scientific method and its salient features.

b. Is anthropology a science? Discuss. 

 Assignment – II 

Answer the following in about 250 words each. (Write Short Notes) 10X2=20

 a. Research during Colonial and Post-Colonial Periods.

b. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Answer the following questions in about 75 words each. 2X5=10 

a. Statement of a Problem

b. Fieldwork in the 21st Century

c. Interview Schedule

d. Hypothesis

e. Ethics in Fieldwork 

Assignment – III

a. Find out the family type of at least five families in your neighbourhood including for how long have they resided in the locality and what are the changes observed in them. What will be your methodology and tell us the reasons for choosing this methodology? 

b. Draw the genealogy of your maternal family tracing till you maternal grandparents making yourself the ego. 

c. Make an interview guide to conduct research on menstrual health among adolescents

If you want PDF copy of Solved Assignment then Click here

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