BEGE-102 Solved Assignment 2022-23

  Free BEGE102 Solved Assignment 2022-23 for July 2022 and January 2023 Session




I a. Write short notes on the following: 

i. Countable and non-countable nouns.

ii. The Diphthongs in English

iii. The falling tone.

iv. Free morphemes and bound morphemes

v. Irregular verbs

I b. Write the phonetic transcription of the following words 

i. Transplantation ii. Ant iii. Material iv. Confidential v. Perpendicular

I c. Mark the primary stress in the following words using the appropriate stress mark

i. examination ii. democracy iii. abundance iv. photography v. authority

Section B

II a. What are affixes? Describe the various types of affixes. Give examples of each type. 

II b. Based on their grammatical function, how are pronouns classified? Give examples of each class.

II c. What are restrictive and non-restrictive clauses? Explain with suitable examples. 

II d. Explain the differences between explicit and implicit negation with suitable examples.

Section C

III a. Fill in the blanks as directed. 

i. She will come tomorrow —— she feels better. (use an appropriate subordinating conjunction).

ii. The sportsman —– impressed the judges most was Krishnan. (use a suitable relative pronoun).

iii. I bought …. dozen apples. (use the correct article).

iv. My friend …. (go) to the library before I reached the college. (use the correct form of the verb in brackets).

v. The government …. (plan) to construct a new road to the village for the last two years. (use the correct form of the verb in brackets).

III b. Rewrite as indicated. 

i. John is the tallest of all the boys. (Rewrite using positive degree).

ii. Neither of us were pleased to see his work. (correct the sentence and rewrite).

iii. Mary is very hardworking, …… (add question tag).

iv. She is very weak. She cannot walk fast. (Combine to form a single sentence).

v. John said, “Mary, I will be going to London tomorrow.” (Rewrite as indirect speech).

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